Impact Story

We would like to share with you a story of how the Walker Scottish Rite Clinic has made an enormous difference for our family—and how you can help the Clinic impact even more families. Our story began in 2015 when our oldest son, Hugo, was screened by the Clinic at his preschool and found to need speech-language therapy. He began soon afterward. We are incredibly proud of Hugo for working hard to overcome his speech sound delays and graduating just seven months after starting therapy.

The story continued when the teacher of our younger son, Milo, told us that he was having difficulty forming sentences and coming up with words. Milo was also having a hard time interacting with kids at school because he didn’t seem to understand the rules of their pretend play. He and the kids would often become frustrated with one another and Milo would go off by himself. After a year of speech-language therapy, Milo is making steady progress and we hope he will soon graduate from the Clinic program just like his brother Hugo.

Since the Clinic began its partnership with Maryville University in January 2015, an thousands of children have received free services. With six locations throughout the St. Louis area the need continues to grow. Donations from the community help meet this need and make an immediate impact on the lives of children receiving speech and language therapy at no charge. With a one-time donation or a monthly pledge you can play a part in the stories of other families like ours.

We feel the Clinic has been a lifesaver for our two sons. Because of the services our children received, we are able to share our family’s tale of success. Hugo no longer struggles with self-confidence issues and Milo has increased his communication and is less frustrated with his brother, his peers and with us. Please consider a gift to help more families tell a story like ours. Simply click the donate button.

With gratitude,

Jocelyn and Lesley Holloman